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say yes to perfect solution
Yes Crédito
say yes to perfect solution
Yes' branding was a unique challenge. Firstly, by its business area. A credit broker is somewhat unfamiliar in the Portuguese market and we had to introduce it in the best way possible. We thought that it would be smart to allow the naming itself to take us away from doubt and uncertainty. We achieved this through a word full of positive energy: Yes! To continue this demonstration of ease, we designed a relaxed logo, far from the constraints usually associated with the credit industry. The handwritten style serves to demonstrate Yes's flexibility, a characteristic of the brand that we tried to honor with this graphic solution. The chosen colors also reinforce confidence, through a palette composed of shades of green and blue, which carry that same noble symbolism. To communicate even more clearly, we created a series of verbal messages that play with the Yes in the naming, provoking Say Yes as the right answer to a better deal. We believe that this brand will help Yes enter the national market much more confident of itself and its modern image, while simplifying its business operation. Yes, a brand that will make everyone say yes.
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