A coworking project
A coworking project

Increasingly, we see a proliferation of co-working spaces in major cities around the world. Lisbon is no exception to the rule, but the client who approached us for the creation of a brand for a new space like this is undoubtedly a case apart. Why? Because she realized that one of the most difficult phenomena to balance in a common workspace are the different rhythms that each one has. The architecture of these new spaces, the brand and all the services offered were therefore designed in order to respond to different needs and ways of being, at work, creating a unique and innovative product in this area. The name, the brand and all the details designed by us breathe exactly that, based on the famous Aesopian fable "The Hare and the Tortoise", they transport us to a modernized way to a world where different rhythms coexist productively.

Methods used