To sell Mitsubishi's new urban model, Space Star, we had to find an angle that would speak directly to its target audience - the youth. That's why we looked for the right concept to create an impact and that's where we found the ideal message to capture this target: "Partilha mais a cidade", which we can translate to "Share more of the city".
After all, sharing is something all young people do, we just demonstrated how Mitsubishi Space Star will help them do it. The truth of this promise is justified by Space Star itself. This is a car that offers all the tools you need to share more of the city, from easy parking, five seats, and a Car Play system to listen to music with friends. Whether it's having coffee, visiting your favorite places, or taking a ride to somewhere new, Space Star is ready for it. And for sharing it too, of course. Throughout a multi-media campaign that started in a TV film, developed with our in-house creativity at 9, we were able to replicate its dynamics in outdoor pieces and billboards. In addition, we guaranteed a cohesive rollout through social media, maintaining the commitment between the characteristics of Space Star and how they help to share the city.

Methods used