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Pac4U - University Students
Santander Totta
Pac4U - University Students

University students have always been a key target audience for Banco Santander on a worldwide scale, whether through its support for educating these future generations or developing products and services to help students and parents during this academic phase. In 2014, Santander Totta designed a collection of exclusive solutions specifically for this target audience in Portugal, challenging 9 to create its marketing tools.

The campaign’s entire concept revolved around a pack (PAC4U), to be given away at major universities at the time of enrolment, inside of which was a creative presentation, in this generation’s own language, of all of their available advantages. The pack was designed in the shape of a can with several gifts inside, including the chance to take part in a car giveaway.

All of the marketing was consistently aimed at the shape and concept of a can (in Portuguese, signifying “not being ashamed”) to participate in the contest, take on the challenges and proposals specifically tailored by Santander Totta.

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