tools for life
tools for life

9 was challenged to create a new brand that, through Workshops, Retreats and Appointments, encourages us to stop and to find our inner self.

Beginning with the naming, OFF!CiNA (repair shop), we created a concept in which, as a mechanic uses his devices to fix a car, OFF!CiNA uses all available tools to fix us. But it goes even further: OFF!CiNA asks us to stop, to turn OFF and forget the things that aren't important, making us focus on fixing what really matters.

The project we developed follows a cohesive line, with all the graphic elements created meeting the same concept. The signature - "ferramentas para a vida" (tools for life) - is able to summarize the entirety of the project, reflecting all the different components developed and working as the “connecting link” for all of OFF!CiNA's communication!

Methods used