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New App
Banco Santander Totta
New App

Banco Santander Totta’s goal is to work with technology according to its customers’ needs, regardless of the type of innovative medium. The bank discovered that, despite being on a par with its competitors, it could make its Mobile App more user-friendly and secure through new features. Along with various new options such as "Privacy Mode", changing preferred shortcuts according to browsing and other new details, the application’s environment was completely overhauled to improve the browsing experience and make it more pleasurable.

9 was given the challenge of broadcasting this news 360° by unveiling the new app to the Portuguese people, making its utility, innovation, security advantages and new environment resonate with them, and helping them understand it through tutorials.

The campaign had a strong online focus in view of its subject matter, with promotion at the bank’s branches emphasizing the app’s downloading, nationwide radio coverage and special billboard advertising with outstanding results by integrating technology in an unprecedented manner while also faithfully representing the app’s look in a smartphone.

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