Losing weight
Estoril Wellness Center
Losing weight

Despite its excellent conditions and services, the Estoril Wellness Centre was having a hard time attracting more people to learn about its weight loss programs and the venue itself.

Capitalizing on the Estoril Wellness Centre’s proximity to the waterfront, where thousands of people pass by each day, we created the “Best Route to Weight Loss”: an alternative to the usual route by accessing a microsite with GPS technology. When accessing the microsite, the route could be traced online from the person’s precise location all the way to the Estoril Wellness Centre’s front door.

The campaign was promoted using banners with IP tracking, geolocalized Facebook ads, social networks and advertising along the waterfront. As a result, the centre’s recognition and image of modernity increased, with 43% more visits and 19% new members compared to the same period in 2013.
Methods used