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A conversation makes all the difference
A conversation makes all the difference

At a time when the financial market was in a downward spiral and had a highly negative overall image, Credibom Bank decided to focus strongly on a campaign to launch its new image and reinforce its new position based on open dialogue with customers: “A relationship of trust”.

At the time, the Portuguese people were working on (re)adjusting expenses with no financial leeway in an attempt to “aspire” to more. As such, the campaign became part of peoples’ and families’ lives, challenging them to the possibility of conscious credit, tailored to their possibilities.

Marketing materials portrayed how Credibom Bank could be part of several phases of our lives (in real day-to-day situations), always in close dialogue and, to emphasize this, highlighting what was truly different about this bank: always ready to help make conscious decisions “with feet firmly on the ground” to turn plans into reality.

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