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Sushi Delivery
Sushi Delivery

Aruki is a 360º project designed by 9. For us this is perfect because we believe that a creative shop can in this way make a brand highly coherent in each medium. From naming to logo, from packaging to advertising, from the app to the website, from the small business card to a rich and up-to-date storytelling, everything came together so that the brand was launched and came alive with all the tools necessary to succeed, a success already based on the quality of the product. Aruki is the name of wartime Japanese ancestral messengers who ran hundreds of miles to deliver orders overcoming obstacles. They were recognized by their rich tattoos so they could run half-naked without the weight of their clothes. The entire brand was inspired by this rich concept bringing it to the modern and technological world of the delivery business and the specificity of the category within this segment, sushi.

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