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To promote Diesel’s “Only the Brave” line of perfume, we were given the challenge, in partnership with M Public Relations, of creating a launch to emotionally and experientially engage the brand’s target audience under the brand’s concept of “Brave” or “How Brave are You?”. The timing of the launch would capitalize on Valentine’s Day, with the ability to unfold into other initiatives later in the year.

The #AreYouBraveEnough? challenge thus took shape, with the goal of making people prove their courage by accepting the challenges put forward by Diesel.

We created the first challenge ,“Are You Brave Enough to Stand out and Prove Your Love?”, for Valentine’s Day, challenging the brand’s fans to prove their love by sending a matching tattoo with their better half to a special website. The initiative was promoted in social networks, an online campaign, points of sale and a matching tour with a professional tattoo artist, accompanied at all times by MPublic’s solid marketing plan.
Methods used