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Unlimited Freedom, Unlimited Powers
Aeklys by Starck
Unlimited Freedom, Unlimited Powers

At 9 we have been working more and more on international projects because we have always been adept at collaborative experiences, especially when they include other professionals or companies that we admire and with whom we learn.

In this case, the challenge and responsibility were huge when we were invited by the famous designer Philipe Starck to create a campaign for a technological ring he was designing: the Aeklys.

Thanks to a unique technology patented by iCare Technologies and an ultra ergonomic minimalist design, this ring offers infinite services, freedom, and security in everyday life. Among the offer is for the example bank payment, public transportation ticket and events, digital business card, computer identification (passwords), and a private concierge service.

9 was responsible for the creation of a whole visual and written language for the product presentation, which resulted in the main video and six smaller ones for use in the most varied media. A process in which the client, industrial designer, and the agency worked in a close and united team so that all the "touchpoints" were solid and coherent.

This cohesive team was also joined by another international player, Lazaro Digital Creative, a Barcelona producer with whom we have always wanted to work and who gave us a lot of support during the production, contributing to a final result that the whole team considered a success.

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