We believe that the solution is always about creativity. In all platforms, supports, businesses, and worlds. A good idea always wins.


Some of the best ideas come from connecting two different points. We believe that they also happen by connecting people and scenarios. Teams and clients, supports and disciplines, the rational and the emotional, creativity and technology.


It´s the base of what we do. We are an agency focused on helping good clients communicate their brands, services, products, and advantages in the best way possible. Making their messages reach the right target with more impact.


Why 9? The agency was created in 1999, by 9 partners, at 9 pm, on the 9th floor of a number 9 in a street in Lisbon.  But also because we found out that 9 is a lucky number in numerology. The word Nove comes from New, it symbolizes the transition from the old to the new, a rebirth, the beginning of a new cycle.

Don´t you have a fixed logo? No. We believe that constant innovation is essential for a brand to evolve and don´t fall back. We apply that to ourselves. This great capacity to adapt and transform as an agency that the big multinationals often lack in their slow transformation cycles, recommending solutions that are not always the most effective.

Do you take a long time? We´re not fast, we don´t work fast, but we now that opportunities sometimes appear when we least expect and we have to be ready to react promptly.

Is 9 expensive? Yes, we are. But not too much. We have aboard a group of true communication experts, highly skilled people that we have to compensate for their outstanding work. We believe we have realistic and competitive prices.

Can we take care of everything by email or WhatsApp? As a rule no. We want to be an add-on to your faithful marketing department and it´s not easy to collaborate in a highly professional way through this channels.  We need confident relationships that are built upon the know-how of all involved. But for a quick message, it´s ok!

So you make ads and brands? Not only! We also do this but for us every communication support or action is valid and we have no interest in selling you a specific one unless is what you really need for your brand to grow.

Ok, you´re not a creative agency? Yes, but not a traditional one. We believe in process flexibility and we are anti-bureaucracy. We believe in good ideas and in dynamic approaches to challenges. We are an evolution of the standard advertising, digital and design agency.

Are you just in Portugal? We practically all over the world as we are 100% independents, 100% Portuguese but also 100% global. 9 is part of an international network of independent agencies, +imagepartners, similar in its way to operate, having the capability of supporting clients in Europe and in the USA.

Yes, but do you actually do? Strategy, Advertising, Design & Branding, Activation, and Digital.


  • Ordem dos Psicólogos
  • Fertagus
  • Grow Advisory
  • Biosurfit
  • Mitsubishi
  • Joaquim Chaves Saúde
  • Alves Bandeira
  • Bells & Springs
  • Yellow Bus
  • Fastio
  • Estoril Wellness Center
  • UCI
  • MFO
  • NOS Audiovisuais

_who we are

  • Frederico Roquette

    CEO & Creative Director

  • Carla Batista

    Office & Finance Manager

  • Madalena Neves

    Creative Supervisor

  • Filipa Costa Félix

    Art Director/ Designer

  • Isabel Vieira


  • Catarina Oliveira

    Strategy & Planning Director

  • Joana Prata

    Strategy & Planning Executive

  • João Alvim

    Managing Director

  • Ricardo Best

    Art director